Christian Pastor Supports Unequal Gender Treatment in Raising Children

Pastor Steven Anderson
Pastor Steven Anderson
In a recent sermon at his Tempe, Arizona church, Pastor Steven Anderson (of the Faithful Word Baptist Church) spoke out against the equal treatment of sexes when raising children using the justification that "all sin is not equal." According to Anderson, while he prefers to teach boys to grow up and be independent through jobs and living their own lives, he believes the exact opposite when raising young girls. Rather than allowing them to find their own path, he believes women should be kept out of the workplace and under the father's "watchful eye" to maintain their virginity until they can be married-off to an approved and suitable suitor. In the sermon embedded below Pastor Anderson's rhetoric becomes inflammatory toward the end of the one hour video (around the 45 minute mark). According to Anderson:
My children are gonna be taught to not commit fornication [before marriage] and that it is not acceptable and that it is a very major sin and that there will be very major consequences if they commit it. 
Now, I’m gonna teach that unto my sons because I think it’s so important that they remain pure and that they keep their virginity until they get married… 
I say I’ll teach that unto my sons and you say, well, aren’t you gonna teach that to your daughters? I’m gonna tell you this: It’s not gonna be humanly possible for anyone to commit fornication with my daughters. [Laughter] And you know what? You’re laughing but I’m not kidding… You say, what about when they go get a job?Well, they’re not going to get a job. Why would my daughters go get a job? What do they need a job for? You know what, I’m gonna pay for them, I’m gonna pay their bills. And you know what? When I’m done paying for them, their husband’s gonna pay for them. And I hope that he doesn’t fail in his responsibility to provide and send them off to work or something, but you know what, at that point, it’s none of my business. At that point, it’s not my responsibility. But you know what? When I pass off my daughters unto their husband, I’m gonna be able to guarantee that they’re a virgin because I’m gonna make it to where it’s not even humanly possible. Because I’m not gonna have them out gallivanting around town. I’m not gonna have them going off to work, and going out with all these people… 
And you say, what if you don’t like the guy they’re dating? They’re not gonna be dating a guy that I don’t like. A guy that I don’t like is gonna get his face punched in. [Laughter]
And you say, well why the double standard? Um, ’cause everything in the Bible’s a double standard?! ‘Cause I’m not a feminist?! ‘Cause men and women are different? ‘Cause my sons are gonna be taught to be independent. My daughters are gonna be taught not to be independent. [Fake crying noises] My sons are gonna be taught to go out and work hard and make a living! My daughters are gonna be taught to be a homemaker, okay? You don’t like that? Well, whatever, that’s what the Bible teaches…
Shall we count the ways in which this pastor doesn't appear to be living in the real world? Teens have sex and get pregnant every day without the assistance of working outside the home. They go to school several hours per day where a parent isn't there to ensure their chastity belt remains firmly in the upright-and-locked position. Even barring that - if children are home-schooled - parents can't watch their children constantly every moment of every day (especially when those children become teenagers). The only way to absolutely prevent the dystopian nightmare of teenage pregnancy and the horror of independently thinking daughters that want to be something other than baby-making homemakers is to lock them in their room until they're legally old enough to marry off to a man who can continue monitoring his wife's actions slave-owner-style as the father had for the previous eighteen years.

 Is there any wonder why America is becoming more secular by the day?

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