How the Right Talks About Poverty

By Tim Peacock

How the Right Talks About Poverty
A montage of right wing commentary about how conservatives really view the poor in America. Hint: they believe all low income Americans are parasitic moochers that choose to live in squalor feeding off the welfare system when they could "choose" to lift themselves out of poverty any time they want. All of those cars, televisions and cell phones they own are proof of that apparently. I touched on that subject here in how we perceive the poor in this country, and it's disgusting. 

Here's a note to conservatives who believe those cheating the welfare system are indicative of all poor people: do we think all of you are the same as Westboro Baptist Church or Rush Limbaugh? Generalizing an entire population of people based off the examples of a handful of poor representatives doesn't do any argument justice. Hasty generalizations are considered logical fallacies for good reason. 

Here's the compilation courtesy of Media Matters:

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