E.W. Jackson Taken “Out of Context,” Only Attacked “Rabid Radical Homosexuals”

By Tim Peacock

E.W. Jackson
E.W. Jackson
Republican candidate for Lt. Governor of Virginia E.W. Jackson just can’t seem to win lately. First he made some egregiously anti-gay remarks, then took them back. Then he rinsed and repeated. Not too long thereafter he cried about the public attention to his carnival crazy train of hate claiming that people using his own words against him was “unconstitutional.” Not to be forgotten about though, he continued his “no, I’m really not crazy, I promise!” tour on Newsmax TV earlier this week claiming all of his previous anti-gay comments were taken out of context. He only meant for his derogatory remarks to be directed at the “rabid radical homosexual activist movement.” That’s right – he’s issued yet another non-apology that actually sounds more like the other anti-gay hate typical of his past statements. 
Apparently, his hate speech only applies to a certain segment of the population – primarily, the “gay rights movement, so-called, the homosexual activists” who he claims has an “absolutely horrendous” history of “desecrating the sacraments” and “engaging in all kinds of demonstrative behavior to try to call attention to what they view as their plight.”
“The rabid radical homosexual activist movement is really trying to fundamentally change our culture and redefine marriage and do a number of things that I just think are not good at all,” Jackson said in his ‘totally-not-anti-gay’ remarks. As with most spokesbigots that recoil when called out on their hateful speech, Jackson thinks that a fake apology and an “I didn’t really say that” defense will be all it’ll take to mitigate the fallout after denigrating an entire subset of the American population. As Right Wing Watch reported on this particular instance:

“Jackson can scream persecution all he wants, but his past words stand on their own. Jackson has alleged that homosexuality “poisons culture,” “poisons our children,” “destroys societies” and will bring divine punishment. He has said that the “homosexual community” is composed of “perverse,” “degenerate” and “very sick people.” He even suggested that gays and lesbians abuse children in order to make them gay and that an increasing number of black men are “recruited” into homosexuality. He does realize that these anti-gay remarks are all on tape, right?”

I think he’s finally beginning to realize that, actually. And his past (and all of the “demons” in his closet) are finally coming back to haunt him. In their effort to show they really aren’t the party of racist old white men, the Republican party rushed to push a conservative black man to be the face of their movement – and it seems they’re reaping exactly what they sowed in the process.

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