Rachel Maddow Versus Rep. Michael Burgess' "Fetal Masturbation Theory"

By Tim Peacock

Rachel Maddow Versus Rep. Michael Burgess' "Fetal Masturbation Theory"
The Republican party seems to be churning them out like clockwork these days. First they appointed an anti-science representative to the Science committee - a man who said that evolution and embryology was "straight out of the pits of hell." Now we have Rep. Michael Burgess (R-TX) who believes abortion should be illegal because male fetuses masturbate. Yes, you read that correctly. Despite every doctor in the nation collectively shaking their heads in disbelief that someone would actually believe something like that (which is akin to "legitimate rape" in terms of how scientifically accurate it is), Burgress made the comments. And to add insult to injury, Burgess is in charge of the Subcommittee on Health. 

Rachel Maddow tackled the egregious theory head on last night in a segment about Republican Congressmen and their junk science beliefs. "It is one thing to be a random Texas congressman, Michael Burgess, saying that we should set laws for everybody in the whole country based on when he thinks fetuses masturbate," Maddow said. "But this guy also is in charge of something. The House Republicans took the fetal masturbation theorist and put him in charge of their Subcommittee on Health. Because, hey, that’s who they got, I guess."

She continued, "And honestly, with these last three or four years with the triumph of anti-abortion activism as the main policy thrust of the Republican Party, both in federal government and in the states, I kind of felt like I had lost the capacity to be surprised — before I heard the fetal masturbation theory from Congressman Burgess today."

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