Mississippi Gov. Bryant Blames Working Moms For Education System Problems

By Tim Peacock

Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant

In yet another instance of post-Pew survey misogynistic behavior, Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant came out against working mothers yesterday pointing them out as the cause for educational problems in America. During his participation in the Washington Post Live event, Bryant made the now infamous charge against working women. It all began when a question was raised about how “America became ‘so mediocre’ in regard to educational outcomes.”

“I think both parents started working,” Bryant said in response to the question. “The mom got in the work place.” Immediately realizing the gravity of his remarks and the inherent misogyny contained within them, Bryant sought to backtrack a bit by insisting “both parents are so pressured.” Alas, the chauvinistic cat was already out of the bag and the damage was already done.

For starters, his answer didn’t actually address the question. Sure working families struggle to devote attention to their children – but that in and of itself isn’t a cause for educational mediocrity. His initial statement actually jabbed at the heart of recent conservative anti-woman ideology… mainly, the “collapse of society” is all women’s fault for believing they have equal footing in the workplace. Erick Erickson said the words last week and now Bryant is following through with the examples that will inevitably become Fox News talking points.

Here’s a real answer for you Governor Bryant: our schools are mediocre because of conservative attacks against math and science standards. They’re mediocre because states have been diverting much-needed funding into “voucher” programs that end up funding junk science in religious private schools. They’re mediocre because we treat teachers like “union thugs” rather than educators. They’re mediocre because we value corporate tax breaks and bank loan rates above student loan rates – and would rather pay off the deficit on the backs of college students rather than guarantee an affordable college education for all American youth. 

Working mothers, however, are not destroying our educational system. 

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