Anti-Gay GOP Representative Will Reintroduce Federal Marriage Amendment

By Tim Peacock

In response to the two LGBT marriage-related Supreme Court decisions earlier this week, conservative legislator Rep. Tim Huelskamp (R-KS) has announced his intentions of re-introducing the toxic Federal Marriage Amendment (FMA). In the brief announcement on Twitter Huelskamp said, "In response to these bad decisions, I plan to introduce the Federal Marriage Amendment to amend the U.S. Constitution. #1m1w #DOMA #Prop8"

Let's forget for a moment that the Supreme Court is the branch that keeps Congress in check (with that whole checks and balances thing). Let's forget that even during the most conservative of administrations (Bush) the FMA previously fell flat on its face. Let's even forget for a moment that a majority of the nation now supports marriage equality. All of that means nothing to fundamentalist Christians like Huelskamp. Let's instead focus on his Bachmann-ian obsession with legislation that will never have a snowball's chance in hell of ever becoming law. Bachmann spent millions in taxpayer money in multiple (failed) attempts to overturn Obamacare knowing full well the legislation would never pass Congress nor would it be signed by the President. The same is true with the FMA. In fact, I doubt it could even muster enough votes to pass a House vote at this point. Why is that important?

In a moment in time where people still need jobs, are still being illegally foreclosed upon by big banks, and where the student loan interest rates are about to skyrocket, the last thing we need is another wingnut fundamentalist Congressional official wasting taxpayer time and money on dead in the water Bible-based "morality" legislation. Rep. Huelskamp: you are what's wrong with Congress.

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