Actors Read Racist Comments From "What Kind of Asian Are You?"

By Tim Peacock

Stella Choe
Remember that video that went viral last week? The one with the guy asking the jogger what kind of Asian she was? The video's makers (and actors) have come up with a response video of sorts to address the hatred and racism rampant throughout the original video's comments. In the new video, the original video's actors (Stella Choe and Scott Beehner) read a selection of comments from the plethora of vitriol spewed on the original. It's worth noting that this isn't the only ethnocentric viral video making news - the interracial Cheerios ad also received similar racist backlash (which has only led people to support the ad as well as the company even more fervently).

The reaction video is below followed by a bonus blooper reel assembled by the video's creator Ken Tanaka:

Reaction Video

Blooper Reel / Outtakes

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