Wolf Blitzer's Awkward Moment With An Atheist

By Tim Peacock

Wolf Blitzer's Awkward Moment With An Atheist
In case you missed it live or on any of the atheist blogs posting replays, Wolf Blitzer found himself in an awkward situation this week when interviewing an Oklahoma tornado survivor. Rather than ask questions pertaining to life, property or the actual disaster, Blitzer asked if she "thanked the Lord" (for surviving). In a surprising and eloquent response, the woman replied that she was an atheist and added that she didn't blame anyone for thanking the Lord.

While Blitzer's lazy interview makes for an obvious target, I'd rather focus on the atheist (whose name is Rebecca Vitsmun). While holding her 19-month-old son and speaking as she did, Vitsmun has become a new face for an otherwise derided set of beliefs. When the word atheist has traditionally been used in religious discussions - particularly among Christians insecure in their faith - images of rabid, rude and immoral people typically arise. Vitsmun's "outing" on national television has helped to diminish that image while disproving another adage I've always disbelieved - that there are no atheists in foxholes. One foxhole seemed to have an atheist at least, and she survived to tell the story.

Here's the video:

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