Robertson: Gays Can Change Just Like Murderers and Rapists

By Tim Peacock

Pat Robertson
According to everyone's favorite faux-Christian, gays can indeed change their orientation and saying they can't isn't just wrong, it's a violation of their freedom of speech (or something). In the short clip below, Robertson manages to equate being LGBT with being a murder or rapist as he explains that since rapists and murderers can change their spots, so can gays. (Last I checked though, no legitimate study has ever proven even those groups were permanently "changed" either - otherwise we wouldn't have sex offender registries.)

And that he equates speaking out against conversion therapy and calling of such practices junk science and dangerous as "a hate crime" is preposterous. Then again, this is Pat Robertson. No one ever accused him of either making sense OR of having accurate information dated later than the 1950's.

Here's the clip via Right Wing Watch:

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