Robertson: End Times, Mark of Beast Coming Through Security Cameras

By Tim Peacock

Pat Robertson
Lately it is becoming increasingly difficult to tell the difference between real fundamentalist wingnut crazy-talk and those that mock them with even crazier rantings (a phenomenon called Poe's Law). And even knowing he's being completely serious in what he's saying, spiels like this one from Pat Robertson aren't helping in discerning one from the other. In a clip posted today by Right Wing Watch, Robertson rants about the new age of surveillance and how it's similar to the biblical "mark of the beast" era of time where "you can’t buy or sell without the Mark of the Beast, you have to be part of that world system and a very, very few can escape because right now they can go down into the bush in the darkest Africa and hunt you down." The crazy train didn't stop there.

Throughout the entire clip he bashes the government for using cameras and surveillance to take away our freedoms (bringing us closer to the end of times, somehow). And then - in his the very next segment of the 700 Club - they reported on the potential Minnesota police station bombing (that was foiled) that ended in the arrest of an anti-government militia member. I guess Robertson's "big government" was okay enough in that instance.

Here's the video:

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