Jon Stewart Slams Peggy Noonan Over Reagan/Obama Scandal Hypocrisy

By Tim Peacock

Jon Stewart Slams Peggy Noonan Over Reagan/Obama Scandal Hypocrisy
Peggy Noonan - current Wall Street Journal columnist and former speech writer for President Reagan - made an appearance on Meet the Press this week and (in speaking with David Gregory and company) claimed that President Obama's current "scandals" are the worst she has seen in her life. You know - bigger than Watergate and bigger than Iran-Contra (where, as Jon Stewart so eloquently put it, "a President secretly sold weapons to Iran in return for American hostages and then used the proceeds to illegally fund a bunch of coked up right-wing jungle rapists in Nicaragua"). 

On a recent episode of his show, Jon Stewart systematically destroyed all of Noonan's credibility in speaking on Obama and his scandals as an objective reporter. At one point he even quoted her book on Reagan where she said Iran-Contra was the fault of those around her beloved President and that the whole ordeal was just an unfortunate mistake. In comparing her words then to her commentary now, Stewart exposed her bias, her flip-flop blaming style, and her manufactured outrage. 

Here's the clip:

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