Fox’s Ralph Peters: Obama Insists On Trying Terrorists In Court “As If Terrorism Is Aggravated Shoplifting”


By Tim Peacock

Fox's Ralph Peters

Apparently, U.S. courts are only meant to deal with “aggravated shoplifting” – or at least that’s what Fox News’ Ralph Peters would have everyone believe. On the May 24 edition of Fox News’ America Live, peters argued that President Obama’s strategy of trying suspected terrorists in the court system (rather than shipping them off to Guantanamo Bay indefinitely without habeus corpus followed by a non-public military tribunal at some point in the indeterminate future). 

Last I checked, we tried suspected murderers here daily across the nation. The only difference in how Peters wants to treat terrorism suspects is a pre-existing belief in guilt that circumvents the United States’ core Constitutional belief that everyone is innocent until proven guilty. He wants to forget the Constitution exists so we can all treat suspected criminals however we please, for all intents and purposes. Heaven forbid we allow the justice system to do its job.
At the core of Peters’ argument though is a smug belief that Obama wants to pander to his base by doing this. Peters’ assumption that Obama’s beliefs – the beliefs of a former Constitutional law professor, mind you – have nothing to do with human and civil rights and everything to do with politics. Perhaps Peters should look in the mirror.
Here’s the video courtesy of Media Matters:

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