The Twilight Zone: Segregated Proms in 2013

By Tristan Kasinger

And here I thought the whole reprimanding a teacher for saying “vagina” was the worst thing our country could pull off. This week, the South is determined to prove me wrong. In North Carolina, their House tried to push a bill to establish a state religion (and you can bet it’s not Islam). Luckily, House Speaker Thom Tillis has killed the bill, but honestly the fact that it even came up says something. Tennessee has introduced a bill that will tie welfare benefits to the performance of a family’s child in school, which is just 18 types of stupid.

Segregation still exists in the south

All that said, the state that just takes the cake this week is Georgia. Specifically, Wilcox County, Georgia, where the high school proms are still segregated. Yes, you did read that right. Though the segregated proms are not sponsored by the school (and therefore not illegal), parents have funded and run these “separate but equal” proms since desegregation happened.

This is metaphorically (and almost literally) blowing my mind. It has been more than 50 years since segregation was deemed unconstitutional and while I’m not naive enough to think that all racism would end at that moment, this blatant display of racial hatred makes me wish I didn’t live in America. I’m at a loss for words.
If you want to support these kids, you can go to their Facebook page and show them your love. They are also trying to raise money from that page, so if you can donate or want to help out, shoot them a message. Hopefully, we can put this thing behind us, despite the fact that it should already be far behind us.


As a progressive Christian in America, Tristan became frustrated at how the christian political perspective had been completely monopolized by the Religious Right. He triesto be a counterweight to the Right’s argument that liberalism and Christianity are not compatible, specifically on the subjects of LGBT rights, women’s rights, gun rights and rights of the poor and disabled.You can view Tristan’s website at and follow him on twitter @JesusWasALefty.

[Originally published at Jesus was a Liberal on April 5, 2013]

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