The 4th Grade Science Quiz-Dinosaurs: Genesis & the Gospel

By Tim Peacock

Creationism Science Test
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In case you missed it making the Facebook rounds this week, a fourth grade “science” quiz seems to be riling a lot of feathers in both the parenting and the secular communities based on its egregious questions and expected answers. The test uses Biblical-based teachings as scientific fact in asking questions (rather than established hypothesis testing and scientific theory-based teaching). In one of the questions, it poses a true/false question on how old the earth is (the correct answer according to the test, by the way, is that the planet is indeed not as old as every accredited scientist says amazingly). 

While it’s easy to dismiss the picture as a hoax, sites like Snopes haven’t ruled it out quite yet based on an email they received from a man claiming to be the father of the child who took the test. He included a picture of the second page of the exam as evidence. In the letter to Snopes, the father said:

I didn’t know that this was being taught to her until we heard a radio commercial together about the Discover the Dinosaurs exhibit was coming to the TD Convention Center [in Greenville, South Carolina].

The Commercial starts out, “After 65 million years, the dinosaurs have returned …” She commented immediately that it was only four thousand years ago. When I corrected her, she snapped back, “Were you there?” I have since taught my daughter differently, but I am sure she is confused now and plan to make sure she understands that teachers are people too and can be factually wrong.

The test showed up [at] home a day later to my disgust.

It’s a great school for Reading, Writing and Math. She is ahead of most of her peers and also is taking Latin there. But I now know to be vigilant for the rest of the year about her science teachings.

She will not be attending the school next year … 

The father in question said he will not reveal the name of the school until his daughter is no longer attending (June). In the meantime, we’re left to speculate on the realness of the photo and whether a Christian school in South Carolina really did use this test in a real science class. 

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