Pushing Your Religion Onto Your Employees: Why Would That Ever Be OK?

[Originally published at Divided Under God on March 11, 2013]

Christopher and Mary Anne Yep, owners of Triune Health
Christopher and Mary Anne Yep

Owners of Triune Health
Yet another private company has sued for the right to push their religious dogma onto their employees — this time in President Obama’s home state of Illinois. According to the Chicago Tribune, Triune Health Group, an employer of about 80 workers, has filed suit in an effort to exercise a fictitious “right” to withhold contraceptive health care to its employees. The Catholic owners of the company claim that the Affordable Care Act is infringing on the free exercise of their religion. Stories like this keep popping up in the news. Private companies have not been winning this battle though, such as in the cases of Hobby Lobby and Conestoga Wood. Courts have said that private companies are not people, and as such “do not pray, worship, observe sacraments or take other religiously motivated actions separate and apart from the intention and direction of their individual actors.”

The flooding of the judicial system with these types of lawsuits has been a hot topic among those that want to keep church and state separate. As a result of these cases, the Affordable Care Act is indirectly costing taxpayers more money while judges hear frivolous lawsuits brought about by company owners trying to make a political statement. Private citizens like Kelly Campbell have taken to YouTube to stir up action against companies like Conestoga Wood, urging viewers to flood the company with emails to share their opinions with the company.

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