Maddow Discusses Supreme Court Trolling on the Daily Show

Rachel Maddow spoke with the Daily Show's Jon Stewart

In perhaps the most succinct description of the proceedings in the Supreme Court this week, Rachel Maddow spoke with the Daily Show’s Jon Stewart about the hearings on the Voting Rights Act. Besides calling Scalia the equivalent of an internet troll using the “n-word” on someone’s blog for effect, she offered a great commentary on the very discussion of the legislation.

“I feel like I don’t have a number line that is long, enough, that goes high enough, to understand how on the same day we are unveiling the statue of Rosa Parks at the U.S. Capitol, and one block away we are considering getting rid of the pillar of civil rights law,” she said. “And that happens at the same time at the same place and nobody’s head exploded. But that’s what we did.”

Other gems from Maddow’s extended interview with Stewart include an analysis of the sunset clauses on important pieces of civil rights legislation like the Violence Against Women Act and why we revisit these pieces of legislation every now and then. Basically, the further we go, the more people obtain democratic voices in this nation – so therefore we must incorporate mechanisms to allow our nation to incorporate existing concerns we’re now comfortable discussing. For example: the LGBT community was just added to the most recent VAWA authorization. 

Here’s part one of two videos featuring an enlightening discussion between two progressive powerhouses:

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