Ann Coulter: We All Have To Pay For Sodomy

By Tim Peacock

In a debate on Geraldo at Large (on Fox News) that was intended to focus on the "nanny state," discussion was supposed to focus on behavioral psychology and cigarette sales in New York City. Of course, one of the two panelists - Ann Coulter - couldn't help but to veer so far off subject that even Geraldo had to think she was a little out of bounds. When discussing how discouraging smoking helps to offset the taxpayer healthcare costs passed on to them by smokers using the system (after knowingly hurting themselves through cigarette use), Coulter likened paying for their healthcare to AIDS and gay bath houses.

"And by the way, if we have to worry about the smokers because of Obamacare, I think we're gonna have to do something about the gay bath houses. Because AIDS is very expensive, and if I'm paying for know, how about discouraging that behavior," Coulter said.

The debate devolved from there. As Geraldo and the other panelist continually tried to steer the conversation back to the actual topic at hand - Bloomberg and the "nanny state" - Coulter kept harping on gay bath houses and paying for sodomy. For being a conservative, heterosexual woman, Coulter sure does think about sweaty man on man sex a lot, don't you think?

Here's the video segment in all of it's outlandishness and hilarity:

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