The FLOTUS Best Picture Oscars Surprise


In a surprise guest appearance at the Oscars tonight, First Lady Michelle Obama announced the winner of the Best Picture award. In her lead up to the announcement, she gave a shout out to the LGBT community:

These nine movies took us back in time and all around the world they made us laugh, they made us weep and they made us grip our armrests just a little tighter. They taught us that love can endure against all odds and transform our lives in the most surprising ways, and they reminded us that we can overcome any obstacle if we dig deep enough and fight hard enough and find the courage to believe in ourselves. These lessons apply to all of us no matter who we are or what we look like or where we come from or who we love.

The combination of her appearance coupled with an LGBT equality shout-out immediately sent the wingnut community into a tizzy of epic proportions. I’m actually STILL laughing at some of these tweets. Here’s a sampling of the right wing hissy fit occurring right now on Twitter: 

And that’s just a small sampling of the vitriol coming out of the right over an innocuous guest appearance peppered with a plea for tolerance and equality. And the right really wonders why moderates are running away from them in droves.
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