Meet the Press Takes Bobby Jindal to Task Over Failed Republican Policies

MA-LA State Comparison

On yesterday’s Meet the Press, David Gregory spoke with Gov. Bobby Jindal (R-LA) and Gov. Deval Patrick (D-MA) in comparing the policies they employed in their respective states and how the ideologies behind those policies either helped or hindered them. In a stunning rebuke of Republican ideals, the statistics didn’t lie. Deval’s blue state policies beat out Jindal’s conservative ideologies in every category from number of people on Food Stamps to high school graduation rate. 

In discussing the differences, Gregory said:

Here are some statistics, state to state, Massachusetts to Louisiana, that reflect kinda more services, less taxes, and the different results. Put that up there. You have a bigger population in Massachusetts. You see that there. The high school graduation rate much higher in Massachusetts. The median income about 20,000 higher. The percentage of population without healthcare insurance much higher in Louisiana. The percentage of the population on food stamps much higher in Louisiana. So does this, do results break a little along some of the ideological and philosophical lines about taxes and the amount of government services?

While he didn’t point it out, the comparison between red and blue state policies isn’t restricted to this two state comparison. Study after study has shown that while blue states tend to contribute the most tax money to the system (as they pay in more than they take), red states seem to take out the most money (as they take out more than they contribute). In fact, the ten poorest states are all Republican-governed states. 
Here’s the video where Gregory lays the statistics out for both governors to see:

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