Fox News Host Suggests Hillary Clinton Had Face Work Done

Hillary Clinton
In their preemptive attack on 2016 hopeful Hillary Clinton, Fox News speculated yesterday that she may have had a face lift. In showing side by side pictures of the former Secretary of State – one of her in glasses during a hearing and the other from her brand new website, they’ve made the fantastic leap of logic that she hadn’t had a professional picture taken (and airbrushed a tad) for PR purposes (and instead went out and got a face lift because she wants to run for President). 
Besides the obvious misogyny in their assumptions (and the mere fact that they’re devoting news time to commenting on her appearance to begin with), why now? Why bring up a woman who just exited public life to enjoy some down time? It’s simple: they know they no current Republican contender could defeat her, so they need to begin their assault early. Shame on you Fox News. Fox News host Steve Doocy said, “Days after retiring as secretary of state, Hillary Clinton — somebody has launched a new website for her showing off this glamorous new face. Face-lift, perhaps?”
After TPM reported on the controversy, Doocy offered a standard-issue non-apology, saying, “Saw some lefty blogs thought I said Hillary had a facelift, nope, I was saying the Hillary WEBSITE had a new pic, a facelift for site.” Is that really what he meant? You be the judge – here’s the video segment:

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