Ann Coulter Booed By Room Full Of Libertarian Students

Ann Coulter

On Thursday night’s edition of Fox New’s Stossel Show with John Stossel, Ann Coulter found herself at odds with a room full of Libertarian students. The show was filmed on location at the International Students for Liberty Conference in Washington, D.C., and the audience consisted of approximately 1,400 libertarian students. The conversation began with the failed drug war – which (of course) set Coulter off – so much in fact that she outright called them all a vulgar name for lady parts, and then went on to insult them (further).

As Stossel moved on to gay marriage, Coulter played the “well gays CAN get married – to people of the opposite sex!” tried-and-true argument. Mind you – this was the same argument conservatives used against interracial marriage in the Jim Crow era. (African Americans CAN marry – as long as they marry people of their own color!) Her spiel devolved into pseudo-intellectual-moral debate about how liberals want to destroy America by dismantling the family. (Hey Coulter – legally married gays have a much better track record than their straight counterparts when it comes to happy marriages!)
According to Coulter, “Marriage is the most important institution to civilize young people…bring them into…I want to make divorce a lot more difficult too. Liberals want to destroy…the family so that you will have one loyalty – and that is to the government.”Andrew Kirell over at Mediaite – who was actually in attendance at the debate – said it best when he provided this commentary on Coulter’s performance:

But on her “libertarians are pussies” point, since neither Stossel nor the students had the opportunity to fully respond, let me give it a brief whack: The economy may be more important than the the war on drugs or gay rights, but that’s a subjective valuation. Either way, libertarians care so much about those social issues not only because the former is rife with injustice, wastefulness, and abuse, but because they serve as a litmus test of sorts, separating those who are serious about limited government from those who pick and choose when they want to be skeptical of government power. 

If you truly care about personal responsibility, limited government, and freedom of choice, then you should oppose government involvement in your personal life as much as in your economic life.

Here’s the video, courtesy of Mediaite:

Tim Peacock is the Managing Editor and founder of Peacock Panache and has worked as a civil rights advocate for over twenty years. During that time he’s worn several hats including leading on campus LGBT advocacy in the University of Missouri campus system, interning with the Colorado Civil Rights Division, and volunteering at advocacy organizations. You can learn more about him at his personal website.


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