Alex Jones: The Government Uses Chemicals to Make Children Gay

Alex JonesRenowned wingnut Alex Jones is at it again. If you’ve forgotten, Jones is the man who called for Piers Morgan to be deported for daring to have an opinion on gun control – and also the man who then went on his show and had a meltdown over gun control. This time around, he’s preaching on his radio show about how the big bad government is poisoning your children with chemicals in order to make them gay. Throughout a set of odd and outright wing-nutty videos released late last month, Jones makes the case that the government is “encouraging homosexuality with chemicals so that people don’t have children.”
He even goes so far as to tear open a juice box, expose the plastic membrane inside, and claim that the chemicals in it will “feminize” young boys to the point of making them gay. “After [little boys] are done drinking your juices, [they’re] ready to go out and have a baby…[they’re] ready to put together a garden of roses…[they’re] ready to go put lipstick on.”
Elsewhere in the strange videos he talks about male frogs being changed into female frogs because of the chemicals in our waterways (again, a product of an evil government conspiracy involving the elimination of macho frogs).
Here’s one of the videos of his insane rantings:

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