Tweet of the Night: Conservative In-Fighting

Sara Marie Brenner
Sara Marie Brenner
For those who have followed my blog for a while, this should provide a good laugh. Since she first trolled my Twitter timeline last year, Ohio Tea Party politician Sara Marie Brenner has continually been a source of endless amusement. From her federal tax lien scandal to being fired from a conservative radio network for attempting to rig a radio show of the year contest, she just can't seem to stay out of trouble. Each time she found herself in these self-imposed situations, her conservative minion-followers would always support her no matter what - even when it was clear she was in the wrong. One particular person - @PolitixFireball - always had something foul to say in her defense of Brenner.

And then I came across this tonight. Apparently she's finally realizing that Brenner isn't the shining example of conservative values she once thought - otherwise she wouldn't be saying things like this:

And then of course, there's Brenner's response:

It seems that this whole #TGDN breakdown is making conservatives turn on one another through petty arguments. My take on it? Priceless.

[UPDATE: Brenner responded in the comments below. To see an extended analysis of my response with reference links, see this update entry.]