Tweet of the Night: Conservative In-Fighting

Sara Marie Brenner
Sara Marie Brenner

For those who have followed my blog for a while, this should provide a good laugh. Since she first trolled my Twitter timeline last year, Ohio Tea Party politician Sara Marie Brenner has continually been a source of endless amusement. From her federal tax lien scandal to being fired from a conservative radio network for attempting to rig a radio show of the year contest, she just can’t seem to stay out of trouble. Each time she found herself in these self-imposed situations, her conservative minion-followers would always support her no matter what – even when it was clear she was in the wrong. One particular person – @PolitixFireball – always had something foul to say in her defense of Brenner.

And then I came across this tonight. Apparently she’s finally realizing that Brenner isn’t the shining example of conservative values she once thought – otherwise she wouldn’t be saying things like this:

And then of course, there’s Brenner’s response:

It seems that this whole #TGDN breakdown is making conservatives turn on one another through petty arguments. My take on it? Priceless.

[UPDATE: Brenner responded in the comments below. To see an extended analysis of my response with reference links, see this update entry.]

Tim Peacock is the Managing Editor and founder of Peacock Panache and has worked as a civil rights advocate for over twenty years. During that time he’s worn several hats including leading on campus LGBT advocacy in the University of Missouri campus system, interning with the Colorado Civil Rights Division, and volunteering at advocacy organizations. You can learn more about him at his personal website.


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  • Sara Marie Brenner

    Tim, I was never fired from Red State Talk Radio. I resigned for a number of reasons. No evidence exists to support your claim, unless it's something else you've fabricated or twisted to your own convoluted meaning. And, I never even "rigged" any voting process. A friend of mine on Facebook encouraged people to vote multiple times, and admitted as such. Yet, you've left that little part out here.

    You continue to spread lies about the reasoning behind liens (probably because you don't like it when people stand up to the government). You stalk my twitter timeline despite being blocked and asked to leave me alone (harassment!), and then yesterday there were a few conservatives who went after me for my views. There were also many who supported me. I would think that as a rabid leftist you would celebrate differing view points and praise me for having my owns views. But no, you find a way to twist that, as well.

    There is not a #TGDN breakdown — there is a breakdown in truth (coming from you and others on Twitter), and a breakdown in ending the divisiveness, which you serve only to further encourage and advance. What is your ultimate goal, anyway? As a liberal celebrating Obama, don't you want us all to work together? Where's YOUR act of reaching across the aisle as Obama said we all should do in his inaugural speech?

    I'm sure you'll tear apart this comment, as well, if you don't take it down altogether, because you have no interest in working together as a nation to move forward (I can use Obama's slogan word, too) — you've demonstrated that time and again. Divisiveness is not a strategy that leads to any type of success, and given your own personal interests I would think that you would realize that. All you're doing is hurting yourself by continuing to try to destroy others.

    My goal is to advance this nation so that we can provide jobs in the private sector, a strong economy, freedom, and liberty for all. I believe the best way to do that is through the conservative platform. However, I also believe in working together with others if it forwards our goal as a nation to improve everyone's situation, keep the freedom and liberty to which we are each entitled (not by the government, but by God), and to respect the Constitution. In order for us to do this, it means that people have to stop being militant, work together, and find common ground on issues where we can move forward. These are my goals.

    So, Tim, what are YOUR goals, and how is what you're doing helping you to achieve any of them?

  • Of course you would say you didn't break any rules – that's what rulebreakers say when they'e been caught red-handed. I posted the crux of the evidence – mainly, the words of the person in charge of the contest. Furthermore, this entry details your guilt as I and several others (both cons and lib) mentioned several times:

    I have no problem with women standing up for themselves, and deflecting your failures as a debater using this fallacy shows the weakness of your argument. At no point have I used your gender as a reason for being a failure. Furthermore, a rudimentary inspection of my blog would reveal that I'm probably more of a feminist than you.

    And using your site statistics to make an argument? Are we in high school? Wow. "My registered business makes more money and has more readers than your side project hobby!" Though since you brought up your site, I did notice when I clicked over that your contributors seem to negate the point you just made. I haven't seen writing that far out since World Net Daily said Obama is a gay Muslim. While you may hold economic idealism, those you employ to contribute to your 800,000 hit blog would appear to be dragging that point down quite a bit.

    And I never claimed this was about anything other than calling out a RINO. Like Dana Loesch, you have no true interest in seeing real change happen – otherwise you wouldn't call people ignorant when they express ideas you don't agree with. You're in it for the money regardless of the outcome. It's why Smart Girl Politics refuses to talk to you. It's why you were severed from a contest and continue to argue the point. It's why your own constituents in Powell email me several times a week asking me to write about you. You aren't a conservative – you're a profiteer, and people like PolitixFireball are beginning to call you out on it.

  • As I mentioned before, I don't regularly follow you any longer – I only respond when someone points me to a particular egregious tweet or article. In the past though, you regularly called virtually anyone who disagreed with you ignorant or some variation thereof, and then posted their screen name and #BLOCKED to publicly shame them. Look back here and I'm certain you'll find quite a few examples I took screenshots of last year:

    Finally, I think you missed my point. You and other talking heads *created* this absolutist environment where only the most extremist opinions are allowed. The moment you personally espouse a moderate, non-tea party opinion you have no one to blame but yourself when your supporters attack you like rabid animals.

    And because you believe you *aren't* engaging in this activity, here are some examples of it to disprove you once again:

    Care for some outside of the past week?

  • Stop trolling this blog Sara. No one really cares about you.

  • Sara Marie Brenner

    Please show me how and when I've demonized moderates. In fact, I've called for the opposite, especially when it comes to our messaging. Your platitudes do not align with the facts that are out there, Tim.

    I was attacked for not being an absolutist, yet, you're calling me an absolutist. Shows how little you know or understand me. Like any militant lib though, you claim to be the expert on my beliefs.

    Given that I'm not doing what you accuse me of in this last reply, your questions in your last paragraph are not applicable and I already addressed them in previous replies.

  • I never claimed to know the amount of money you make – merely that you tout your credentials at every opportunity that you're a professional political personality.

    As far as "stalking," following public figures and posting on their publicly-spoken words isn't just politically justified, it's also my First Amendment right. The fact that you don't like your own words being used against you doesn't equate to "stalking" no more than CNN talking about Romney's family history during the election.

    And call it what you will, the fact will still remain: you and several other public personalities (like Loesch) love to stoke the conservative fire, and once that fire is raging you don't like to take responsibility for the consequences. Absolutists like PolitixFireball exist because people like you, Todd K, and Loesch allow it to be so. You demonize liberals and moderates to the point of creating an atmosphere so toxic that only absolutists can exist (otherwise you call them ignorant and block them publicly, encouraging your followers to do the same). Your actions have created an atmosphere where people either choose to be ab absolutist "or else" – or else being that they risk being publicly called out and blocked on your account.

    Which feeds back into what you originally said about divisiveness. How is that working across the aisle? How is that compromising for the good of the country?

  • Sara Marie Brenner

    Please let me know, Tim- how much money have I made from The Brenner Brief, by having a radio show, by managing PolitiGal Network, or by running for office? Of course, I receive my $250/mo for council, which no one should consider a great profit. But other than that, do let us know — how much money? You must know of some imaginary pot of gold I've earned somewhere, because I certainly am not aware of it.

    You claim to know so much about the conservative cause, and the people within it. One would think you're stalking them too, just as you are me, with the same twisting and lying continuing. SGP's decision and PolitixFireball's actions aren't hurting me, they're hurting the conservative cause by not allowing us to be unified. Anything that is divisive among the right of center or conservative side is not helping our cause, which is why I speak out so loudly against it. The few liberals in Powell will continue to email you, and that's fine with me. If they didn't, it would mean I wasn't doing my job. We are nearly 2/3 conservative Republican here, as recent elections in our area demonstrate.

    Good luck to you and your continuation of divisiveness, lies and liberal dishonesty. I will not expect anything else of you.

  • Sara Marie Brenner

    Just keep it up, Tim. I referenced the OTHER emails, but you decided not to pull those, again, shaping your narrative by cherry-picking information. That's fine, though, because I have proven my point that this is what you do, over and over again.

    Apparently you don't like it when women stand up for themselves — whether it's with the government over a business, or another person (Premo) who accused me of doing something I never did. I guess you have an issue with strong women.

    And, if you read my site along with the other 800,000 people this month who have, you would see that I've called on the GOP repeatedly to get off the social band-wagon and focus on jobs. Instead, again, you choose to cherry-pick. Just keep it up. All it does is help my point, so I thank you for that.

    I was hopeful that this interaction would lead you to see what you have done here, but you instead have chosen to dig in your heels. The perfect example of a lib who claims he wants to work together, until it comes down to doing more but just give lip service.

  • Sara:

    Since you truly want the email that you've already read to be publicly published, here it is, emails redacted:

    Your Cheating:
    Subject: RE: Stuffing the Ballot Box
    Sent: Sun, Dec 9, 2012 5:59:05 PM

    Well, I was trying to handle this quietly to give the opportunity to see if the host could correct the situation by discouraging voters from cheating. I've mentioned on the air to only vote once and to be honest, you simply can't vote twice unless you go to a bit of trouble to do so. That alone would tell anyone with even a 3rd grader's sense of "right and wrong" that voting more than twice was wrong.

    For the record….the person that brought this to my attention isn't even a part of Red State Talk Radio, just a listener who also uses Facebook and saw the post, etc. I had already suspected something was going on and after taking a quick look at the log last night and seeing all the duplicate IP addresses and large numbers of votes for the same person, all within 1 minute of each other, it's not too hard to determine bogus votes.

    Your Termination:
    Date: Sun, December 09, 2012 6:51 pm


    I just terminated my agreement with The Brenner Brief. Two minutes after I did, I got an email from her that had to take at least 15-20 minutes to write, saying she was leaving, and her reasons for doing so. So, its clear that both sides were ready to part way.

    As for your mention of the council, other members involvement was not pertinent. I only brought up them up since in your defense to them you demonstrated you couldn't actually show you had a valid argument without incriminating yourself (Talk to me in private!). Furthermore, the attorney on your city council outlined the only reasons you would have a lien – all of which show some level of culpability on your part. The reason there have been no additional issues is your removal from the committee in the following session when you moved away from Finance.

    And in each of your tweets and defenses, all you basically ever state is that you had a dispute. You have never explained what it was. In fact, all anyone knows is that you have had not one, not two, not three, but four liens against your business. Once or twice is a coincidence; four times is a pattern. That's not to mention the lawsuits against you/your business.

    And in your anger, you probably missed the end of my comments. I did agree everyone needs to work together. "And I agree that people need to begin working together – beginning with the Republicans in the House that continue to propose insane legislation in an effort to avoid actual reform. Why don't you write Boehner and tell him to focus on jobs rather than spending millions in taxpayer money on the defense of DOMA and trying to fight the Violence Against Women Act?"

  • Sara Marie Brenner

    Tim, you pull pieces of information that serve your narrative. Why do you not pull any of the opposing pieces of informtion, such as the email through Red State that I did not break any rules, or the Facebook posting from my friend that I was not encouraging anything and that only he was? Or, why don't you include the information that since a particular member of Council – Don Grubbs – has left that Council, we haven't had any issues as a Council, or all of the postings and tweets I've sent explaining the issue? All you do is pull out pieces of information that serve your narrative, and stop there. That is misleading, dishonest, divisive, and demonstrates YOUR lack of integrity. All you want to do is frame the story in the way YOU desire, forgetting that there is more information out there to the contrary.

    It's interesting how, in your goals, you don't mention working together at all, as I did in mine. That spirit is clear by your postings, your lies, your response here, and your continuation of your remarkable ability to ignore the truth. Obama's inauguration speech was for you, too, my friend, so why don't you try heeding it.

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