Trouble in the Brenner Empire

Sara Marie Brenner
Sara Marie Brenner

After her absolutist followers turned on her late last week, Ohio politician Sara Marie Brenner discovered firsthand how it feels to be attacked by the followers she usually sends to attack others. What began as a conversation about rape & incest exceptions to abortion exploded into an all out civil war in the Brenner empire.

In the face of adversity, Brenner continues to assume she’s right/superior – even when her “generals” in each state working for her PolitiGalUSA business are beginning to drop like flies. They’re turning against her – and not just that, they’re attacking her with the information published here (such as her horrendous business ratings).

Like Todd Kincannon’s flailing #TGDN effort, Brenner seems to be losing control of the rabid following she’s so carefully cultivated through hateful tweets, “snarky rabble-rousing” and the such. One has to wonder if her business will fail before the IRS has a chance to audit it for malfeasance.

Continue under the fold for a sampling of the continued in-fighting among her supporters (and the not-so-eloquent Brenner responses)  >  >  >  >

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