Thom Hartmann Takes on FreedomWorks’ Austin Petersen Over the State of Healthcare

FreedomWorks' Austin Petersen
FreedomWorks’ Austin Petersen

While I’m a strong supporter of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), I’m an even stronger supporter of universal healthcare – and this is one of the biggest reasons. On a recent episode of his show, Thom Hartman spoke about two different men in similar situations. In each situation, someone needed life-saving healthcare that hospitals either would not or outright refused to provide because the individual had no health insurance and could not afford to obtain insurance. And in both instances, the men committed felonies in order to go to prison (where healthcare is provided courtesy of the prison system). Like politicians, prisoners enjoy universal healthcare – and neither has to pay for it as it’s subsidized by taxpayer money (much like public option systems work in other first world countries with civilized health care systems).

Although the ACA has provisions to expand Medicaid coverage to low income individuals that need access to much-needed health care, governors like Florida Gov. Rick Scott refuse to implement the expanded coverage – leaving thousands of low income men and women without the means to safeguard their health. 
Enter Thom Hartmann and his discussion of these two men, their situations, and the state of the American health care system. Joined by FreedomWorks spokesman and staunch Libertarian Austin Petersen, Hartmann discusses the right to life as outlined in our founding documents and their guarantee to Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Happiness. Petersen obviously disagrees that any right to health care exists, and the conversation degrades from there:
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