Republican Arrested Trying To Prove Voter Fraud Is “Easy”

Roxanne RubinFile this one under “What were they thinking?” Roxanne Rubin – a Republican from Nevada – had serious concerns about voter fraud based on what she had seen and heard throughout conservative media like Rush Limbaugh, Fox News, etc. She found the case so compelling in fact, that she went out of her way to prove how easy it is to commit voter fraud and get away with it. The only problem? Getting away with voter fraud really isn’t as easy or simply as conservative media would have you believe. And unfortunately for Ms. Rubin, in the state of Nevada voter fraud is a Category D Felony that carries a 1-4 year prison sentence with possible fines up to $5,000.

Before getting caught and arrested, Rubin first voted at her home polling place in Henderson, Nevada before moving on to commit fraud by voting a second time near her workplace in Las Vegas. The poll worker at the second location quickly discovered the fraud, reported Rubin, and she was promptly taken into custody the following day. As of last Thursday, Rubin accepted a plea bargain to a lesser misdemeanor charge that involves paying $2,481 for investigation costs, doing 100 hours of community service work, taking a mandatory “impulse control class,” and promising “to stay out of trouble.”

It hasn’t even been a full week and she’s already back to her old tricks. According to the Huffington Post:

Rubin said that she was trying to show how easy it would be to commit voter fraud with just a signature. “This has always been an issue with me. I just feel the system is flawed,” she told the AP Thursday. “If we’re showing ID for everything else, why wouldn’t we show our ID in order to vote?” [SNIP]

Democratic Nevada Secretary of State Ross Miller, who has called for a photo ID law, slammed Rubin in a statement. “If Ms. Rubin was trying to demonstrate how easy it is to commit voter fraud, she clearly failed and proved just the opposite,” he said

Classy. On a recent episode of his show, David Pakman covered Rubin and her not-so-clever scheme. Here’s the video:

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