Meet The Press Embarrasses Paul Ryan Using His Own Words

On yesterday's edition of NBC’s Meet The Press, Rep. Paul Ryan had to face up to his own past as David Gregory replayed a part of President Obama's Inaugural speech. In the clip, Obama admonished though that believe America is divided between makers and takers. The reasoning behind showing this segment became clear almost immediately as it was pointed out right away that Paul Ryan had actually spoken those exact words during the election cycle in his Vice Presidential bid along side Mitt Romney. After Gregory showed a clip of Ryan making the same divisive "makers versus takers" remark, Ryan became visibly angry and remarked that the comments were taken out of context. Thereafter Ryan went on the offensive and began making inaccurate statements against things like Keynesian economics.

This isn't the first time in recent history that Paul Ryan has been unable to defend his unpopular and inaccurate positions. Jonathan Chait's hard-hitting “Paul Ryan Breaks Down Under Wonkterrogation” documented another example of Ryan's inability to back up the stories he tells with facts and statistics. 

Here's the video from yesterday's Meet the Press segment: