Logan Lynn's New Video for 'Hologram' Out

Tramp Stamps and Birthmarks
Fans of Logan Lynn rejoice: a new video single has been released from his new album Tramp Stamps and Birthmarks. For those unfamiliar with this Portland-based musician's work, Logan Lynn has a unique musical focus with a solid, ear-friendly voice (and isn't too hard on the eyes either). I came late to the fan-base-game - my first song-crush was Feed Me to the Wolves - admittedly still my favorite song in his ever-growing collection of songs spanning multiple album releases. When not lending his voice to albums, Lynn also works in LGBT advocacy. He's written guest pieces for the Huffington Post and worked as an advocate in the pacific northwest community via the Portland Q Center. Since he's returned to music recently (after an extended break), he's reportedly been trying to make time in his busy schedule for continued activism while promoting his new album. Speaking of which...

My first listen of his new single 'Hologram' reminded me of why I began following his music career to begin with. The video has scruffy, tattooed gay guys, and a relevant message about falling in and out of love. Here's to a triumphant return to one of my favorite LGBT musicians: