Father Points AK-47 At Daughter Over School Grades

Kirill Bartashevitch
Kirill Bartashevitch
In yet another stunning example of just how qualified current gun owners are in their firearm ownership, media reported recently on the story of Kirill Bartashevitch and how he pointed an AK-47 at his daughter. Why did he threaten his child with a deadly weapon? She dared not live up to his expectations in school. When confronted over the grades, the daughter reacted as children are wont to do - by acting out. Rather than acting like a sane, rational adult though, Bartashevitch decided his daughter needed to be at the receiving end of a firearm. 

Outside the fact that Bartashevitch makes a great argument for universal background checks, his mental break with reality demonstrates another important fact: education. One of the first rules of gun ownership is that you never - under any circumstances - point a a gun at someone unless you intend to kill them. This applies across the board whether or not the gun is loaded. Either Bartashevitch forgot this, or he never learned it to begin with. Either way, it shows a serious need in the current infrastructure that should be addressed. 

David Pakman addressed this incident on his show recently. Here's the video:

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  1. What do you mean? I shoot my kids ALL THE TIME for bringing home B's instead of A's. I though that was normal.

    Just kidding. I only shoot my kids if they make C's.