Dana Loesch No Longer CNN Contributor?

Notorious Right Wing Nut Job Dana Loesch

When she was introduced on Piers Morgan’s CNN show last week, Dana Loesch was called a “conservative radio talk-show host” rather than a CNN contributor. This follows several months of absence from the network for Loesch (she hasn’t appeared since July 2012 actually). Media Matters reported on her absence originally after she made the widely-condemned supporting remarks about marines urinating on the dead bodies of Taliban soldiers. In the article, Media Matters said:

CNN contributor Dana Loesch’s particular brand of vitriol has been absent from the network’s airwaves since July 25. While CNN announced her hiring last year by saying it was “gearing up for the election season,” the network has not called on the inflammatory right-wing radio host to comment on political events including the Democratic and Republican national conventions or the presidential or vice presidential debates. 

In the first seven months of this year Loesch appeared on CNN dozens of times, sometimes making several appearances a day. But she was on CNN only three times in June and twice in July, and has not appeared since, according to a search of the Nexis database that was confirmed through a search of transcripts in our own database.

It appears as if her now-permanent exile from CNN is just the next embarrassment in a string of public blow-ups following her explosive departure from and lawsuit against Breitbart recently.
Here’s video of Dana’s performance on Piers Morgan Tonight:

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