Dana Loesch Forgot About All of the Embassy Attacks Under Bush White House

Discussion of the Benghazi scandal on Piers Morgan Tonight

On Piers Morgan Tonight earlier this evening, Tea Party wingnut Dana Loesch seemed to have trouble defending her position that the Obama administration should be crucified over the Benghazi scandal. When other panelists reminded her of similar situations under the Bush administration (most notably the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq lie that lead us into a bloody and senseless war). While both Morgan and fellow panelist former Assistant Secretary of State P.J. Crowley agreed that serious questions need to be addressed concerning the current inquiry, the current bouts of misogyny and finger-pointing by conservatives like Rand and Loesch only detract from the seriousness of the situation.

Mediaite reported on the discussion earlier, including video. They said:

Morgan told former Assistant Secretary of State P.J. Crowley he was struck by the apparent “misogyny” in the criticism of both Clinton and U.S. ambassador Susan Rice, calling it more “incestuous and Washington-orientated” than being done in the name of the public good. Crowley acknowledged there are legitimate criticisms involved in the scandal, while defending the answers Clinton provided during her questioning. 

Morgan brought up the criticism thrown out by Senator Rand Paul that Clinton should have been fired by the president. Loesch agreed with the sentiment and dismissed Morgan’s claim that asking serious questions of top female officials in the Obama administration is misogynistic. Morgan brushed past that to push back against Loesch on the idea that Clinton should be fired, asking why the same wouldn’t apply to Condoleezza Rice and other members of the Bush administration. 

Loesch dismissed the comparison between the Benghazi conflict and anything that happened under the Bush administration. Morgan repeatedly pressed Loesch to defend her claim, asking her how she can think a misreading of intelligence in the Benghazi case is comparable to misreading intelligence that led the United States to war ten years ago. An exasperated Loesch tried to keep the conversation on the Obama administration scandal rather than rehashing the same arguments about WMDs in Iraq. 

Morgan allowed that there are “legitimate questions” to be asked in the Benghazi hearings, but argued it has not been “proportionate” and the GOP needs to remember what happened when they held the White House. Loesch insisted it was “deliberate misleading” on the part of the Obama administration, while Crowley doubted that anyone in the Obama administration intentionally lied or misled the public.

Typical of her lack of debate and communication skills, Loesch refused to concede that both Rice and Clinton faced similar scenarios, and her outrage now seems hypocritical in light of her refusal to admit their proven wrongdoing. Her hyper-partisan speech once again proves she’s not interested in actually learning the truth of what happened during that deadly September 11th attack; no, she’s only interested in furthering her own (flailing) political career at the expense of others. 

Here’s the video courtesy of Mediaite:

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