Buster Wilson is Butthurt over Potential Overturn of Boy Scouts Gay Ban

Buster Wilson
Buster Wilson
I think Alvin over at Pam’s House Blend phrased it perfectly when he said the current potential for overturning the gays in Boy Scouts ban has created “an orgy of homophobia from religious right groups.” It’s true: wingnuts have shifted into freakout-overdrive in throwing out every tired, disproven cliché religious fanatics have dreamed up over the years in response to the mere possibility that Boy Scouts of America (BSA) may soon eliminate the long-standing ban against allowing gay men to openly lead and participate in the organization.  Case in point: Buster Wilson. Right Wing Watch reported yesterday on his over the top reaction:
The American Family Association’s Buster Wilson is a B-list version of Bryan Fischer, but he does a good impersonation in his latest rant against the Boy Scouts of America for considering a change in their ban on gay members. Wilson claims that gay men sometimes have “as many as a hundred or more partners” and will put Boy Scouts in “compromising” situations. He even argues that a ban on gay scouts is a good thing because excluding them will prevent them from being bullied and contemplating suicide:
There is no mistaking the fact that homosexuals are known, by their own admission, to have multiple sexual partners, sometimes as many as a hundred or more partners. Shocking, I know! But you see we make a dreadful mistake when we think of the homosexual relationship in the same vein as we would think of the average heterosexual relationship. They are not the same and they do not function the same.
I know that all homosexuals are not pedophiles. But, are you willing to take a chance with the life of your son that a homosexual that has been placed in the position of a Scout Leader, will not, will never put your son in a compromising situation? Really? If you do, you’ve redefined “faith” in a whole new way for me. The Scout oath requires a Scout to commit to “God and Country” to be “morally straight.” I don’t see how a Scout could ever make an oath before God to be morally straight when he has submitted himself to be led, trained, educated and modeled after one whom God has already described as immoral.
The gay community is very concerned about gay children being bullied and wrestling with suicide. I am dreadfully worried about those issues as well. No one, including me wants a child to be bullied and certainly we would never want a child to wrestle with much less choose suicide. But what could happen when you place a gay kid in a group of straight kids in a closed environment such as Scouting: is there not an increased worry of bullying and rejection that might cause a child to think of suicide?
Wilson makes it quite clear that he believes gay Scout leaders will molest children:
Imagine with me a troop of young boys, ranging in ages from 12-16. These young boys are going to be out in the woods, away from their parents. Not just away from their parents but away from any contact with their parents. Back in my day, there were no cell phones. And today, most camps sites are out cell range.
They would be out in the woods for 2-4 days, nights, depending on what time of the year it was. They will sleep in pairs or threes, in sleeping bags, in tents or out in the open. They will shower and wash in the creeks or lakes that outline their camp site. It would be nothing for boys to wonder about with their shirts off, or sometimes just in their underwear or swim suit because they had just been to the latrine or to the swimming hole. These will all be under the direction of the Scout leader who led them there.
Now, you could say that I am setting up a scenario that is just my own. That there are no reports of the kind of activities that my evil mind is conjuring up, that our homosexual friends want nothing more than to lead these young men to maturity and personal growth and I’m evil for believing that such horrible thoughts could actually become reality. But then, I would refer you again, to my friend Bryan Fischer’s latest article where he reminds us all of the Jerry Sandusky story.
Seeing that Sandusky is married to a woman, he would not have been barred by the BSA’s current ban on gays.
He goes on to argue that children will be “challenged” and “compromised” by gay Scouts as they will not “be safe in that environment.” After smearing gays as child molesters, Wilson naturally accuses gay people of trying to “denigrate” and “smear” others.

There will be multiple occasions for them to be out in the woods alone—without you mommy and dad, without any way to get a hold of you mom and dad—and you’re going to send them out there in the woods with a man who is an avowed homosexual? You really have safe that they are not going to be challenged or compromised? Then I say you have a faith that redefines the whole issue of faith as far as I’m concerned. How you would ever believe that your child would be safe in that environment. And why the Boy Scouts are doing this? I can tell you why they’re doing it. They’re doing it for the same reason that every other organization or area of American life would succumb to the demands of the homosexual lobby: they’re doing it because of political correctness and they’re doing it because of the Alinsky-style opposition that is in place, if you oppose homosexuality they will mock you, they will denigrate you. They will belittle you, they will smear you and talk about you being intolerant and unloving and un-Christ-like. If you are a Christian organization they will call you a hate group.

So here’s what we have, according to Buster Wilson: a married straight man that can already lead BSA packs used as an example of why to ban gays; concern-trolling over a gay kid potentially committing suicide thanks to BSA encouraging good-old-fashioned “Christian” hate values that will lead to the straight kids harassing the gay kids to the point of suicide; and more. Wilson’s panties are twisted so tight it would take the jaws of life to bring him back from this one. 
And unfortunately, he’s not the only wingnut screaming bloody murder. Stay tuned for more “outrage” from those loving faux-Christians on the right as this story develops. 

Tim Peacock is the Managing Editor and founder of Peacock Panache and has worked as a civil rights advocate for over twenty years. During that time he’s worn several hats including leading on campus LGBT advocacy in the University of Missouri campus system, interning with the Colorado Civil Rights Division, and volunteering at advocacy organizations. You can learn more about him at his personal website.


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  • And now the butthurt is spilling over into my blog – hurrah!

  • You're completely right – they have the right to set their own standards (and the Supreme Court has stood behind them in this too). That doesn't make it any more palatable though. It's why you see everyone waiting on them to make a decision on the ban rather than taking them to court – legally, there's no recourse. Morally though…

    And I think you're right about the female troop leader thing. I actually had a female den leader nearly the entire time I was in scouts in the 80's, actually.

  • Rence

    Of course your examples are violent. Know what else was violent? The crusades. Whats more perverted than a mob rape? How about a mob rape with papal endorsement? (again, the crusades. When they took Jerusalem it was just a big ole rape and murder party. But it was "ok" because after all the Muslims were "infidels" and the pope had put his stamp of approval on the overal mission so hey, its all ok then right?)

    People have looked around them for centuries and said "oh look, the bible said this would happen, this must be the end times!!!!" and yet, here we are.

    Know what else Jesus said? Matthew 25:13 "Watch therefore, for ye know neither the day nor the hour wherein the Son of man cometh."

  • Rence

    Discrimination bothers me, but i think hypocrisy bothers me more. First he invokes the boy scout oath, then says that he'd worry a gay scout would be bullied by the straight kids. How can one claim to be morally straight, yet still be a bully? I mean really, pick an example to base your argument on and stick with it rather than picking and choosing different ones depending on which point youre trying to argue at the moment, particularly when they contradict each other.

    Also, i'm a little out of date with my information here, but didnt the BSA at some point in recent years start to allow women in leadership roles? If so, why is there no concern over women out in the woods with these teen age boys? I mean after all, havent there been a rash of female teachers involved in sexual relationships with their students in just the last year or two? By the same logic that says gay scout leaders are a danger to the children, shouldnt women be excluded also?

    This whole topic has me of two separate opinions: As i said, discrimination bothers me, a lot. But, at the same time, I do support a private organizations right to include or exclude people based on their own values and standards. i mean, the Catholic church still doesnt have women priests, i may be wrong but i dont believe that the masons allow women as members, and as technically private organizations its their right. So if the scouts dont want to allow gay members and leaders i suppose thats their right. But imagine the crapstorm that would ensue if they took out the word "gay' and inserted any of the following words: black, asian, Muslim, canadian, mexican, jewish etc etc.

  • God? It is not real, in the last about 5000 years many have tried to proof that your god exist, ALL have failed…that's why Christianity is still considered a faith, and not a fact.

  • America's Slow Suicide !

    stated in Luke 17 that just before His return to earth as Judge, two big
    "crazes" will happen worldwide at the same time: (1) insane violence
    ("days of Noah"), and (2) outrageous sexual perversion ("days of Lot" –
    see Gen. 19). Aren't beheadings, cannibalism, and school shootings
    violent? And what's more perverted than a mob trying to rape LITERAL
    angels (see Gen. 19 again)?! So, America, keep spitting on God but you'd
    better duck when He spits back!! (PS – For a bigger enchilada, Google
    "when DIVERSITY becomes PERVERSITY.")

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