AFA Criticizes Obama Over Mention of Non-Christian Beliefs

Sandy Rios
On the Monday edition of her radio show, American Family Association radio host Sandy Rios criticized President Obama for his inclusion of non-Christians in his inaugural speech on Monday. In his inclusion of non-believers and non-Christians, he apparently offended Rios’ Christian sensibilities by implicating that they all have equal standing to Christianity in the United States. “When he lists all these denominations and atheists and Buddhists and Muslims it’s like we’re all equal, of equal proportion, and we are not,” Rios said. 
Her guest – Religious Right historian Bill Federer – agreed when he said it was part of Obama’s “intentional denigration of the contributions of Judeo-Christian faith in America’s history” and that “Obama’s been using the bully pulpit to advance Islam.” 
The denigration didn’t end there. One by one she criticized African American Christians and the LGBT community all in an effort to show Obama is working to “usher in a time of godlessness” (whatever that’s supposed to mean). She ended by saying, “Something is terribly wrong and it’s terribly wrong to see this man swear allegiance to the country on the bibles of men who went before him who were men who understood faith and who God was.”
I’m almost glad Rios said all of these hateful things. It shows how far out of the mainstream the AFA is – especially when it comes to how the President must represent his constituency.  We are not a Christian nation, nor were we founded as such. In fact, the Founders thought it so important that everyone have equal access to religious acceptance that they forbade the government from establishing a singular religion – a tradition the President upheld when he spoke inclusively about each and every believer and non-believer he represented. 

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