Benefiel: Baal Demon Behind Homosexuality

Right Wing Watch (RWW) brought us yet another example of compassionate Christianity (read: faux-Christianity) yesterday when they posted video of Pastor John Benefiel saying the demon Baal is behind homosexuality. According to RWW, "Benefiel, who earlier maintained that homosexuality was an Illuminati plot to depopulate the earth, told Roth—after asserting that watching pornography is an act of “Baal worship”—that homosexuality is a result of paganism and Baal’s attempt to 'infiltrate our Christianity.'" Here's video of the amusing segment:


  1. Does'nt seem all that far fetched. Look at the world around you-something's going on! We ain't improving as a species are we. This next generation is supposedly not going to outlive its parents!!!!

  2. Right, because biology and science just aren't more plausible reasons than demonic possession and "spiritual battle." Just because you don't understand scientific concepts doesn't mean there has to be an otherworldly/religious explanation.